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Monday, 17 November 2014

Western Giants launch dangerous & controversial contraceptive in Africa

As I tried to catch up on the latest news on Africa, I stumbled upon the recent joint announcement  of Pfizer Inc. the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) to expand access to Pfizer’s injectable contraceptive, Sayana® Press (medroxyprogesterone acetate), for women in the world’s poorest countries. Some of the targeted countries named for this expansive contraception project include Burkina Faso, Kenya, Niger, Senegal, Uganda and my own country Nigeria. 

This announcement was immediately picked and praised by many News Agencies in the western world including BBC News where it was described as "The One dollar contraceptive set to make family planning easier "

One cannot help but wonder, "easier" for whom? For Ugandan, Kenyan and Nigerian women? Or for the multi-billionaire Pfizer, Gates and CIFF? 

Reading this announcement and the related News articles further, I realised that this project is not a new one rather its inception can be traced back directly to the extensive contraception fundraising project launched by Melinda Gates 2 years ago during the Family Planning summit of 2012. 
All of it seems now to be actualised in this cheap contraceptive device targeted towards the poorest women in the world. 
So by sheer determination and will, these wealthy figures - Pfizer, Gates & CIFF, have succeeded in rolling out in the world of the poor,  the $1-per-piece device designed to become the prevalent self injectable contraception of the developing world, the wonder device that will make it all so easy to sterilise millions of women across my Continent. 
They claim that this would be the pathway to development as well as the emancipation and elevation of African women. They tell us that it will give African women control over their lives. 
But I dare to ask them exactly how sterilising the wombs of the poorest women in the world would give them control over famine, draught, disease and poverty. It absolutely will not make women more educated, or more employable. This extensive contraception project will provide food or safe drinking water for women who submit to it. It will not make African women happier or more satisfied in their marriages. No. It will only make them sterile at the cheapest rate possible. 
This is certainly not what the African women have asked. It is not the miracle that our hearts crave amidst the trials and difficulties of Africa. But yet in a world of shocking cultural imperialism, it is what our "betters" have chosen to unleash upon us. 

And what is more insidious is that this product being launched is the self-injectable version of the highly controversial Depo-Provera that has been put into question in the developed world after having been shown in various studies to carry dangerous and even lethal side effects. 

In October 2011 the New York Times published an article entitled Contraceptive Used in Africa May Double Risk of H.I.V. This article was based on a cohort study by prestigious medical Research journal The Lancet that clearly stated that "the risk of HIV-1 acquisition doubled with the use of hormonal contraception especially the injectable methods."
And what is most shocking is that this study was partly sponsored by the Gates Foundation and yet after these findings, they have gone ahead to launch this high risk product in targeted countries of their choice (Uganda, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria and many others), countries where the women may never be able to raise their voices when the lethal effects set in.

In addition to the HIV-related effects of this product, there is also the doubled risk of breast cancer demonstrated by various studies like the extensive research done by the Fred Hutchingson Cancer Research centre, Seattle and published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in February 2012, with the research team stating clearly after their studies :
"We found that recent DMPA (Depo-Medroxyprogesterone acetate a.k.a Depo-Provera) use for 12 months or longer was associated with a 2.2-fold increased risk of invasive breast cancer.

In addition to this publication the team also made a compelling press release following their research. 

Furthermore, this same product Depo-Provera has been clearly linked to permanent bone density loss and on this very note, Pfizer has had a staggering number of  prosecutions, class-action law suits and out-of-court settlements all to the tune of millions of dollars.

As a direct result of this, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a compulsory "black-box" warning on this product that reads : 
"Use of Depo-subQ Provera 104 or Depo Provera may cause you to lose calcium stored in your bones. The longer you use Depo Provera, the more calcium you are likely to lose. The calcium may not return completely once you stop using Depo Provera. Loss of calcium may cause weak bones that could increase the risk that your bones might break, especially after menopause. It is not known whether your risk of developing osteoporosis may be greater if you are a teenager when you start to use Depo Provera. You should only use Depo Provera long term (more than 2 years) if other methods of birth control are not right for you".

This product is flawed. It is dangerous. And from all indications it could be lethal.
And in the developed countries, it has been marked as such.
In spite of this glaring reality, that which has been deemed unsuitable and terribly flawed in the land of the rich, has now been brought in to the land of the poor. 

As an African woman my heart is racing today as I consider this latest collaborative move by Pfizer, Gates Foundation and CIFF. 
I think about the full implications and ramifications of this on my people, my sisters, my aunties and my friends. 
I think about the poor women in Africa who will have no means at all of filing class-action lawsuits against these giants from the western world. 
I think about our sorely inadequate healthcare systems in Africa that is not in any way equipped to deal with the fallout or onslaught of the medical side effects like breast cancer, osteoporosis (bone density loss) as well as increased HIV infection rates, all associated with this contraceptive product. 
I cannot help but think about the thousands of African women who will die as a direct result of this $1 per piece product. 
Yes, my heart is racing and my mind is reeling as I try to take it all in. 

Simply put, this is racism, it is imperialism and it is a form of colonialism where the poor African women are being treated as subhuman subjects to the wealthy and worldly. 

Who will speak up for the women of Africa? Who will lament the crass disregard for their wellbeing? Who will complain about the cruel disrespect with which they are being treated? Who will shed tears for the irreparable damage that could befall them? 

I am only one African woman, but from where I stand I choose today to speak up, to lament, to complain and to shed silent tears for my fellow African women, with the hope that by the end of today, my words and tears may reach and touch the hearts of people of goodwill around the world who will join me in defending the dignity of the African women.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Please Listen to the African Synod Fathers


Many Africans have been prayerfully following the reports from the Extraordinary synod. As I say this I think of my seventy-year old mother who is living out her faith in the small city of Owerri, Nigeria. She has assured me that many of the women in her small parish are fervently praying for all the synod Fathers, that they may be strengthened and sustained by the Holy Spirit during this important synod. Many of these women in my home parish where I grew up are materially poor but spiritually rich with tremendous love for the Church. And it is such a marvel to me that the Catholic Church is so universal that it embraces people of every race, nation, culture, tribe and tongue. 

So imagine my shock today as I read the words of one of the most prominent Synod Fathers  who implied that the views and values that our African Synod Fathers have expressed on certain issues will not or have not been listened to (probably by the synod fathers from the Western and more wealthy parts of the world). 
He also went further to say: 

"...the questions of Africa we cannot solve. There must be space also for the local bishops’ conferences to solve their problems but I’d say with Africa it’s impossible [for us to solve]. But they should not tell us should not tell us too much what we have to do."

Reading this interview brought much tears to my eyes and much sadness to my heart because as an African woman now living in Europe, I am used to having my moral views and values ignored or put down as an "African issue"or an "African view point".  I have had people imply that I am not sophisticated or evolved enough in my understanding of human sexuality, homosexuality, marriage, sanctity of human life from conception, openness to life and the so called "over-population". 
So as a result, in many circles, any contributions I make in discussions are placed in second or third rung. 
How can Africa stand shoulder to shoulder with other cultures if our views are considered uncouth or uncool by a standard strictly scripted by Western, worldly and wealthy nations? 

This is touching and troubling to me but in spite of this unfair reality, I have always been confident that the one place where there is true universality and unity is within the Catholic Church. The one place where the standard is scripted by God Himself through the Scriptures and Magisterium. 

I am a third generation Christian and the Gospel has been accepted and handed over to me from my Grandparents through my parents. I, and millions of Africans like myself, have been raised to love the Church and to trust that the Church will always hold up the unchanging truth of the Gospel. That she will hold up this truth high enough for every Christian in every part of the world  to see, even the most far-flung, uneducated and poorest ones in the most rural parts of Africa. Yes. I know many people where I come from who cannot read the actual words of the Gospel, but they have heard and embraced the goodnews brought to them by the Church. Some of them could have chosen polygamy but because the Church has taught them what true marriage is they have resisted and overcome this lifestyle. Some of them could choose infidelity but the Church lovingly has taught them that this choice is contrary to the Gospel. Some of them may have wanted to get into a convenient and cheaper arrangement of cohabitation but the Church says that is not consistent with the Gospel. 
Through all of this fidelity to the teachings of Christ, African churches have flourished and blossomed even in the midst of the most difficult tragedies, even in the most extreme conditions and in the face of a growing cultural imperialism from the Western nations. 
When Africans lose everything, they still have their families and they have their faith. And this is how we remain resilient even in the darkest and most turbulent times by leaning on the unchanging Faith preserved at the heart of the Church and by clinging to our unbroken families protected by the heart of the Church. 

So I respectfully turn to your Eminence and to all the Western synod Fathers who may not want to listen or consider the African contributions at the synod, and I appeal to you as a woman raised in the world of the poor and faithful ones. Our moral views and values are not irrelevant to the universal church. Even when we express views that are considered countercultural and politically incorrect by the preeminent worldly and western standards, our unflinching hope is that all the synod Fathers will listen to us and consider the devastating effects that will be unleashed upon millions of faithful families in Africa if our world is redefined and reshaped. 
Our heart-felt appeal for Gospel values to be upheld is indeed a cry for survival for our people. Because in this year alone many African nations and leaders have been terrorised and threatened by powerful and well funded homosexual lobbying groups who have tried to bend us or break us into acceptance of their lifestyle. We have seen humanitarian aid withdrawn by Western nations at the insistence of these totalitarian groups. We have seen a new brand of "comprehensive sexuality education" targeted at our African children. We have suffered the scourge of abortion lobbyists from the West. We have been forced to welcome extremely rich western philanthropists bearing the unwanted "gift" of contraception. 
All of these have become a heavy cultural noose around our neck which could very easily enslave us or destroy us if we resist. And this is why we weep and cry at the feet of all the synod Fathers to hear and respect the voices of our African synod Fathers on these issues that have been blown into Africa by a powerful wind from the West. 
No, these are not just "African problems", they are global problems that have violently ravaged many western societies with an unacceptably high toll on marriages and families. 
If the structure and stature of marriage and family life is to be protected everywhere for peoples of all cultures, all races, all nations, tongues and tribes, if this our Catholic Church is truly a universal church where the poor are considered the "treasures of the Church", then all the Fathers of the Synod should protect us by unanimously and heroically rising in defence of these "unsophisticated", "unevolved" and "uncool" Gospel views and values that are still being proclaimed loudly and clearly from the Altar of the tiniest and poorest parish church in Africa. For we are the Church Universal.

Respectfully and humbly I lay down my appeal at thy feet your Eminence. 
Consider the tears of the poor who confidently turn to you.

Monday, 1 September 2014

The Mission of the Final Quarter...

As we step into the last quarter of the year, the need increases for continued tenacity and audacity in our pro-life work and mission. 
We give thanks to God for the great fruits and favours received. And we resolve to work more diligently to spread the Culture of Life and Civilisation of Love wherever we find ourselves. 

On this note, let me share with you some of the exciting upcoming events that we will be a part of. 

This coming Friday (September 5th), the 3-day SPUC (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children) annual conference will begin in Derbyshire England. And I have the great and undeserved honour of being a keynote speaker at that important pro-life event. 
My topic will be entitled : 
The Clash of the Cultures; how to keep Africa Pro-Life in the rising tide of Pro-Abortion ideology 

This in fact has been the overarching theme of many of my writings and pro-life reflections, so I am delighted and grateful to SPUC for giving me the opportunity to present it at their conference. 
And as I know that it will be such a great Pro-Life event, I cordially invite anyone who is able to attend this conference (see all the details on the flyer) . And I ask for the prayers of everyone who cannot make it to please pray for me and for the success of the events. 

Another exciting event that I will be participating in the International Forum on Large Family and Future of Humanity . 
This will take place next week in Moscow Russia from September 10th & 11th and I have been invited to speak during the RoundTable Forum on the timely topic: 
Upholding the dignity of African women in the age of radical "sexual and reproductive rights" agenda

It will be a real privilege for me to present the views and values of African women at such an international gathering. 

After these two pro-life events (in UK and Russia), I will begin to prayerfully prepare to travel to Rome during the upcoming Synod on the Family. 
For anyone who isn't very familiar with the Synod, it is the gathering of representative Catholic Bishops from around the world who convene at the invitation of the Pope in order to discuss and deliberate on various issues. 
So this October, Pope Francis has chosen to convene a Synod from October 5th-19th on "The Pastoral Challenges of the family in the context of Evangelisation". 
This synod will bring to the fore, so many issues that touch on our core mission - marriage, family, sanctity of life, openness to life,etc. 
For this reason, I will be in Rome during this season so as to render service and support to our Bishops who will be laden with the task of protecting and promoting the Gospel of Life in this our age when the attack on the family is at an all time high. 

So, I solicit your prayers and your support for Culture of Life Africa in this quarter as we seek for ways and opportunities to serve and promote life and dignity. 
Stay close to our Facebook page because I intend to share many precious moments and messages from the missions. 
And whenever you can, please comment on our postings because I see your comments from wherever I am and they fill me with even more strength, courage and passion to continue to walk this path with renewed tenacity and audacity! 

Yours in all humility,

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Launching the COLAfrica Prayer Initiative


It is with great joy and gratitude that I thank Our Lord for this opportunity to serve Him with you in this Prayer Initiative for Culture of Life Africa.
My name is Lisa Morris and when Uju asked me about leading this prayer team, my immediate thought was one of thankfulness to her for all that the Lord has allowed her to do within the African pro-life movement in such a short time…knowing it is clearly the work of the Holy Spirit through her “Yes” to His Call that hearts have been touched to respond to the line that is being drawn in the sand in many countries of Africa.
Her strong, steady and courageous voice speaking the truth in love to “sound the alarm” so to speak, of the dangers which are on the doorstep of Africa and beyond… her clear, concise and constant message to the African people to not go down the road of abortion, contraception, same-sex unions and the rest of the moral decay of many western nations that have been hovering over the continent of Africa ready to spread their agenda on a people who do not want it, has been such a powerful witness to me, and I was in my mind and heart knowing that I also needed to say my “Yes” to His Call to this Prayer Team. 
In my own life, having made some poor choices that were devastating and life-changing,  I have felt and experienced firsthand God's healing hand in a way that is unmistakable through the power of prayer and the help of others that He has placed on my path.  His Mercy, His love and His Compassion knows no limits and He can and does make all things new when we come to Him.
I know without a doubt that Prayer is action and Prayer changes hearts, and when hearts change to know and see the truth then, the world will become as St. Pope John Paul II said “A Civilization of Love”  It will be through our prayers as a global community that we will be the “Light on the Hill Shining for All the World to See!” 
It is very much inspired and fitting that this Prayer Initiative should launch on the “Feast of the Transfiguration” as it was exactly 2 years ago on this feast day that Uju was inspired to write the Open Letter to Melinda Gates, a piece that went viral and was read by millions of people around the world. This was in many ways, her call to mission and service to defend and promote the sanctity of life in Africa and beyond. 

And as we reflect today on the Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus, we call to mind how He was transfigured and His face shone like the sun and His clothes became glistening white, God’s words from heaven to Peter, James and John,
“This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to Him.”(Matthew 17:5) 

I am so grateful to God that exactly 2 years ago, Uju listened to Him…and because of her “Yes” to step out of the boat of comfort and be a voice for those who have no voice, we are seeing a better and brighter chance for the African pro-life movement. 
It is an honor and a blessing for me to be a part of this Prayer Initiative and I am humbled to be with all of you on this journey… together through prayer, we can and will make a difference  to spread His message of Love and Life!
Please join with us at Culture of Life Africa as we embark on this journey to pray for those needs and concerns that God will put on our hearts.  The time is now…with Mother Mary’s intercession, the saints in heaven and Our Savior Jesus as our “King and Lord”…we as a people of faith know that “With God All Things are Possible!” 

Thursday, 31 July 2014

IPPF and their campaigns

In a twitter message today, International Planned Parenthood Federation insists that THEY are responsible for providing "comprehensive" sex education, so that the next generation is healthy and empowered their own development outcomes. 

In a new campaign (the idecide campaign) they claim that it's a tragedy for some countries and various traditions to deny the youth their "basic rights" to decide: 

-what you do with their own body

-whether to get pregnant

-who to love and how

So now IPPF is trying to garner support in their one-million signature petition drive to present their distorted views on sex-ed at the UN in order to influence the new Development Goals by integrating these "basic rights" into the global priority list. 

Why can't they just accept it that there are still parts of the world where children are raised to respect human life, sex, marriage, motherhood and fatherhood. 

Knowing what we all know about the graphic and very misleading sex-ed that Planned parenthood has been giving young children in some western countries, why would we want to hand over our African youth to them? 

Their "comprehensive" sex-ed has included elements of BDSM, pornography, casual sex, premarital sex and abortion rights, all morally objectionable, all considered depraved by the wider African society. 

Yet they want to claim authority in the sexual instruction and education of young minds around the world! 

Pls join us to keep IPPF away from African youth. 

Consider joining our COLAfrica prayer initiative !

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Introducing a Prayer Initiative

It is with great pleasure and delight that I invite and introduce you to the "COLAfrica Prayer Initiative" which would be a pillar for all our work and mission as we seek to broaden and deepen our reach and impact in Africa and beyond. 

It will be launched on 6th of August, the Feast of the Transfiguration which is also exactly 2 years to the day that the  "Open Letter to Melinda Gates" was written. 
For me it was a day of vocation, a day I was called to the mission of writing, speaking and advocating for the dignity and sanctity of Life. 
So it is such a blessing to have the opportunity to start off this prayer project on this significant Feast day. 

It will be led and coordinated by Lisa Morris (whose powerful pro-life testimony I had written about a few weeks ago).
In my encounter with Lisa, I have found her to be a very holy and humble woman who has become a very dear friend to me. She is a wonderful woman of prayer, a beautiful mother, wife and pro-life advocate and so I thank her for accepting to lead this prayer initiative.

The main aim of this initiative is to have a committed family and community 
of people around the world praying for the work and mission of Culture of Life Africa. We believe that these prayers will strengthen and sustain our labour of love as we continue to strive for the protection and promotion of the sanctity of life in Africa and around the world. 

Our prayer coordinator will send out emails at intervals to entrust each member of the prayer team with specific prayer intentions and updates on the progress of the mission. And in this way, the prayer team will be connected, through prayer, to all our various projects, events, conferences and challenges that we encounter along the path of mission. 

Lisa will coordinate novenas, schedule holy hours, plan rosaries & other devotional prayers, extemporaneous prayers as well as other prayer forums for the initiative. 

So I cordially invite you to join us in this worthy project. 
All we need are people of goodwill who are willing to support and strengthen our work through their prayers. 
Join our prayer family by dropping us an email at with your name and city of residence; and you will be put on Lisa's 
list right away.

I pray and hope that you will prayerfully consider this personal invitation at this time when Africa is under so much pressure to open all doors to abortion, artificial contraception, population control and other morally objectionable cultural changes that undermine the sanctity of life, the dignity of sexuality and the beauty of marriage.

Become a special part in our COLAfrica prayer initiative!!! 

Yours in all humility, 
Obianuju Ekeocha 

Friday, 25 July 2014

An African woman's "Thank-you" letter to Meriam Ibrahim

The great news of Mariam Ibrahim's 
arrival in Italy filled me with so much joy and elation. 
The images of this graceful and beautiful African woman, babe in hand, stepping out of the plane was a sight to behold especially after her unspeakable pain and suffering in the Sudanese prison. 

So I thought I should, in a very simple letter, write down my reflections and thoughts of gratitude for this resilient daughter of Africa whose freedom is being celebrated by the entire world today. 

On behalf of all African women, I thank you Meriam Ibrahim, for showing the world the indomitable courage that is at the core of authentic femininity. I say this because your pain and persecution were tied so firmly to your femininity. And so your triumph was a most powerful witness to life, to motherhood, to marriage, to love and to faith. 
You are indeed a true picture of faith and virtue, a true symbol of strength and resilience. You are, in my humble opinion, a real woman of substance, an African woman of substance and your story fills my heart with courage and audacity in my own vocation to defend our African culture of life,marriage, motherhood, faith and family, no matter how difficult, no matter how shameful and no matter how painful for me. 
For under intense persecution, you refused to deny your Christian faith. Under the threat of the extremists, you stood as a witness and a martyr. 
Under the pain of incarceration, you would not deny your husband or renounce your marriage. 
Under the heavy shackles of prison you still had the strength and defiance to give life , to give birth. 
Under the certainty of a death sentence you had the determination to nurse your precious little baby. 

By your powerful example, the world has come to witness the resilience of a young African woman who in the worst conditions bore heroic witness to the virtues of faith, marriage, and motherhood. Your unspeakable struggles in the last few months have been a most radiant ray of light that has pierced through the darkest clouds to contradict a modern world that is telling us that faith means nothing, that religious freedom is not all that important, that marriage is whatever we want it to be, that motherhood should be a choice we make under the most conducive situations, that our babies should only be born at the most convenient of times.  
You, my African sister, have become a lightening rod to the radical feminists of our times who repudiate and denigrate every virtue that you epitomize .  
Within your body, you have borne the marks and scars of a true Christian,a wife, a mother and a martyr, and in this way you have shown us what it means to be an empowered and liberated woman, and I'm glad to say it is certainly not what the western radicals and ideologues are telling us. They try to tell us that for African women to be empowered, they need to be "sexually liberated", selfish, individualistic and fiercely autonomous, but you Meriam , by your own example , have taught us that the liberated African woman is the woman who is free to live and practice her faith, love her husband , and protect her children (born and unborn). A liberated woman is a woman of faith and family. This is the truth that must be spoken throughout Africa. 

Today, the world watched you as you breathed the fresh air of freedom and as you made your first stop, not at the Whitehouse, but rather at the House of St Martha (Casa Santa Marta) which is also the house of the Holy Father Pope Francis. Instead of the presidential handshake that many others would have craved first, you chose the papal handshake. And instead of the political reception you chose the apostolic benediction for you and your family. You chose the Pope over the POTUS! 
You are a woman of great wisdom and strength and indeed Africa raises, praises and celebrates you. 

We rejoice with you and for you. 
We rejoice that you are free at last. 
And out of our rejoicing, I pray that more women (from our Africa and from every corner of the world) will reflect deeply on your experience so as to emulate you. 
I pray for women of faith to rise up and bear courageous witness even to the point of martyrdom.  
I pray for women who are pregnant to choose life for their babies at all cost. 
I pray for women who are wives and mothers to stay true to their vows and vocations. 
I pray that beyond our global rejoicing, we would be adorned with even a portion of the heroic virtue of Meriam Ibrahim's authentic feminism purified and forged in the fiery crucible of religious persecution. 

Monday, 21 July 2014

The Truth that must not be told @ AIDS 2014

The 20th International AIDS conference kicked off in Melbourne on the 20th of July.

As can be expected it is a grand affair with more than 14,000 delegates and some of the most prominent names associated with it. 
They are featuring prominent world leaders like President Bill Clinton, legendary stars like Sir Bob Gelfod, they have prestigious UN officials like Executive Director Michel SidibĂ© (of UNAIDS) participating in almost every aspect of the events. 

And as can also be expected every keynote speaker will be demanding an end to the AIDS pandemic, every speech will be about overcoming this unstoppable disease and every theme and thought of the conference centred around eradicating the killer virus - HIV by what they call "stepping up the pace". 

Scientists and Public health Experts have gathered from the most respectable institutions in the world to contribute and participate in this conference. For them it is a perfect occasion for a massive brain-storm in the otherwise calm and beautiful city of Melbourne. 

In my own keen interest to understand and grasp the HIV/AIDS pandemic as it affects Africa , I have been following this conference closely and going through the impressive (and almost endless) list of topics and abstracts lined up by the best and brightest of the field in the attempt to fully explore the AIDS problem.
They seem to have thought of every possible perspective of considering this issue.... There are topics on:-
-Prevention for people who use drugs
-Prevention for male, female and transgender sex workers
-Prevention for MSM (men who have sex with men)
-Prevention for trans-genders
-Prevention for discordant couples
And some of the "Approaches and Tools for HIV Prevention" listed for discussion during this conference include: 
-Male and female condoms and other physical barriers
-Male circumcision
-HIV testing
-PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis)
-PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxs) 
-Vaginal microbicides
-Rectal microbicides
-Impact of treatment on prevention

Wow, almost everything covered... Everything except ABSTINENCE, FIDELITY or DELAY of sexual debut which have been conspicuously omitted!!! 

This came to me as a startling shock that in such an important setting as the International AIDS conference, the totalitarian whim and will of the liberal ideologues would reign supreme to the point that these undeniably important prevention strategies are not even mentioned whatmore discussed in-depth.  
Imagine having a major conference on Lung Cancer where nothing is ever said about quitting smoking, changing smoking habits or the detriments of chain-smoking. 
This is exactly what is happening in Melbourne this week and it is deplorable. 

How could an entire field of experts run around in dizzying circles while intentionally ignoring the most obvious elephant in their conference room - behavioural change, Abstinence, Fidelity and delay of sexual debut. 
How could our brightest and most brilliant minds tie themselves up in their blind conformance to the paralysing dictates of political correctness? 
How can an entire establishment (but for a few courageous dissidents like Professor Edward Green), choose to stifle the most obvious truth about the incontrovertible importance of behavioural change towards abstinence and fidelity in the prevention of HIV infections within the population such as was the case in the remarkable  success seen in Uganda when their government chose to promote and implement the abstinence and fidelity approach? 

To add to the shock of this silent exclusion of abstinence and fidelity by the ideologically-driven academia, I came across a new article that has just been published by the Guardian on the latest recommendation of scientists in the battle against AIDS.
In an outrageous piece from our HIV "experts", the scientists are claiming that the HIV preventive measure with the biggest impact is the decriminalisation of sex work (i.e. prostitution)!!!!!
In their "estimation"it would reduce HIV infections by 33% to 46% over the next decade.

In their own words: 
"Sex work is part of the human story. Accepting and embracing sex work – supporting those engaged in sex work to protect their health and bodily integrity and autonomy – should be our humane, as well as our pragmatic, approach to the reality of our human lives. And to our common efforts to defeat Aids."

Given the millions of girls and women trapped and trafficked each year into the commercial sex-industry, given the unspeakable abuse that is unleashed upon women and girls in this line of work, given the level of drug abuse and organised crime that is inevitably tethered to this field, it is absolutely disconcerting that any educated (or even uneducated) person would make these wild claims and recommendations. 
What is worse is that they are putting this forward to governments and organisations as the pinnacle of their research and as their own version of cutting edge public health, epidemiological and medical science! 

Political correctness. Sexual Promiscuity. Sexual hedonism. Moral relativism. Moral decadence.  
These have become the silent forbidden grounds that must not be trespassed by HIV researchers in their quest for a solution. 

So as President Bill Clinton is raising his voice during his keynote address to demand an end to the AIDS pandemic, he might as well be spitting into the hurricane because he (and many like-minded western social engineers) have helped to sculpt this Civilisation where the right to sexual pleasure has become more important than the right to life.

Until the truth about this pandemic is squarely confronted and the best prevention programs and strategies implemented the killer virus will continue to spread through our Continent, killing millions of Africans, destroying millions of families,rendering millions of children orphans and infecting millions of misguided promiscuous persons in its path. 
The HIV will continue to scar Africa while the "best" and most renowned scientists and scholars gather year after year after for the International AIDS Conference. 

Sad. Really Sad ! 


Monday, 14 July 2014

For the Love of Africa: The Heart-felt Appeal of an Africanpro-lifewoman

Culture of Life Africa needs to get incorporated, organised and developed as an NGO , so as to widen and broaden the reach and ripple of this mission. And so this is an appeal to realise that. 

We will need the help of:

-anyone who has had experience with starting or developing an organisation or an NGO (non-profit organisation) 

-a financial advisor and/or professional fundraiser

-Volunteers with various skill-sets who are looking to serve and help in an African project

-Sponsors and donors who have a heart for supporting good projects for Africa 

-A strong prayer support team looking to take up a big prayer challenge.

Are you able to help in any way? Do you know anyone who might be able to help? 
If so, please kindly contact me by emailing 

Culture of Life Africa was founded 18 months ago without many concrete plans for it.
I wasn't sure how to get an organisation off the ground, I wasn't sure if it was just going to be my "personal project" or a real institution that will take on the task of fortifying the pro-life front of Africa. 
I wasn't sure of much, but from the first day I set off on this journey, I had the firm conviction that Culture of Life Africa was meant to be , it was meant to exist, it was meant to stand in service of life and dignity especially in the face of the recent concerted efforts by many powerful nations and organisations to drown out the moral integrity of the African society. 

From the very beginning, I have felt the constant presence and help of God. Words cannot even begin to describe the miraculous interventions that have propelled the mission of Culture of Life Africa, one of which is the wonderful encouragement and moral support of many friends, Facebook community and good-willed people who genuinely love Africa. 
They have constantly prayed for me and for Culture of Life Africa and 
so the fruits of this work have been tremendous! 
Our pro-life and pro-family waves and ripples are reaching the homes and hearts of many in Africa. 

In the mission of Culture of Life Africa these past 18 months, 20 pro-Africa and prolife-themed articles have been published by widely read websites and newspapers, almost 100 blog posts have gone up, 2 March for Life rallies as well as 3 major pro-life conferences in Africa have been successfully proposed and planned , there has been the great honour of being invited to represent Africa at a Vatican event for women and a life-changing meeting with the Holy Father Pope Francis, there has been the wonderful privilege of meeting and working on various occasions with almost 20 African bishops for the pro-life work and co-authouring an important document on Building A Culture of Life and another on Uniting in God for Life , there has been a successful proposal and co-writing of an EWTN African pro-life series (that is yet to be released), there has been a most fruitful mission to the UN Headquarters during the recent week-long Conference on Population and Development, and there have been numerous appearances on TV and radio shows. 
And through all of these, God has continued to work mightily to protect the life and family oriented culture of the African people. For this I am greatly humbled and just very grateful. 

But I still, I cannot deny that the weight and scope of the mission has greatly increased with each passing month. 
For me the work now entails more writing, more travelling, more flights, more speaking, more invitations, more phone calls, more events planning, more media appearances, more pro-life projects, more networking, and so much more spending of my very limited personal funds. 

In the course of single-handedly running and keeping up this mission of Culture of Life Africa, I am having to carry much more than my little shoulders can bear, it is burning me out and taking its toll on me. In order to continue, I am going to need some help.

99% of the funds for all the works and projects listed above have come directly from my monthly salary because Culture of Life Africa is not yet incorporated, has no real fundraising plan and so no real source  of funding for the work. 

My prayer is to move this organisation and this mission forward , no longer as my personal pet-project that will fizzle out when I burn out but rather as a stable and committed pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage and pro-Africa organisation which will sensitise, educate and inform Africans to resolutely choose life and dignity even in the rising tide of the Culture of Death. 

For this I am going to need the help (as stated above) of: 

-anyone who has had experience with starting or developing an organisation or an NGO (non-profit organisation) 

-a financial advisor and/or professional fundraiser

-Volunteers with various skill-sets who are looking to serve and help in an African project (here is an African project that you can help from the comfort and convenience of your homes!) 

-Sponsors and donors who have a heart for supporting good projects for Africa (here is a project that exists to promote and protect the Culture of Life in Africa) 

-A strong prayer support team looking to take up a big prayer challenge. The viciousness and persistence of our opponents can not be conquered without prayers, so I have many many many intentions to entrust to a prayer team! 

My heart is full of hope that my appeal will touch the hearts of good-willed people. 
My heart is full of hope that this organisation will be sustained beyond the point of a personal pet project 
My heart is full of hope that this mission will be strengthened to the point of challenging the powerful proponents of the Culture of Death who are prowling throughout Africa seeking the ruin of lives. 
My heart is full of hope for my people because you have read this letter to the very end. 

I remain grateful for all the mercies and graces received. 

Yours in all humility,
Obianuju (Uju) Ekeocha
Culture of Life Africa 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Post-Abortion Healing

One area of pro-life mission in Africa that needs more witnesses and more emphasis is Post-Abortion Healing.

Many many many women who choose abortion usually do so without understanding the full destructive and devastating effects of abortion. They are won over by the empty promises of "choice". They are deceived by the false hope of peace and privacy that the abortion advocates offer. 

But in most of the cases, the forces at work in abortion bear down viciously after the death of the innocent. Many women suffer life-long anxiety, stress, depression, addictions, substance abuse... And all these are suffered in silence. 

But there is real hope, real healing, real mercy offered by God through various post-abortion healing ministries and missionaries. 

LISA MORRIS from Silent No More Awareness (pictured) shared her powerful post-abortion healing testimony at the Pro-Life conference in Abuja, Nigeria. 

Her story was one of mercy and healing. Many people shed tears during her testimony and some of the Nigerian Bishops decided to pray over this brave woman, they blessed her and blessed her mission which is all about encouraging suffering women to come out of their silent pit of pain, be healed and be "Silent No More" about their abortion. 

God bless Lisa Morris!!! God bless every woman who has known the excruciating pain of abortion and has decided to be silent no more!!!

Amen! Amen! Amen!